We maintain grease, sand, petroleum and oil traps. The need for maintenance of traps depends primarily on the area of use of the trap; however, to ensure maximum lifetime and reliability, we recommend regular trap maintenance services.

Regular maintenance helps keep running costs down, while also keeping different equipment in operation, because if one fails, it costs significantly more.

Maintenance of underground car parks is a highly specific job, as they cannot be accessed by all types of technology.

We also provide a permanent maintenance service for underground car parks and multi-storey car parks, which includes ordering all necessary services through us. We coordinate all work with the Contracting Entity  

Selection of the services we offer:  

  • Maintenance of grease traps
  • Maintenance of sand traps
  • Maintenance of petroleum traps
  • Maintenance of oil traps
  • Maintenance and, if necessary, replacement of various trap equipment
  • Pipeline flushing
  • Permanent maintenance services

 In case you don’t see the service you need listed, please contact us and specify your preferences. 

Some references:

  • Permanent maintenance service for the underground car park at the Solaris Centre
  • Permanent maintenance service for the multi-storey car park at the Kristiine Centre
  • Permanent maintenance service of the multi-storey car park at the Viru Centre
  • Rotermann Quarter underground car park trap maintenance

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Robert Rumm

Cleaning Department Manager