Deep cleaning and protective treatment of floor coverings (pvc, concrete, wood).

Floor coverings are deep washed and waxed and polished to refresh the look and extend the life of the materials. The protective treatment prevents wear and damage to the floor covering from daily use. For floor coverings with a high frequency of use, for example: in hotels, offices, sports clubs, we recommend performing a protective treatment at least once a year, taking into account the factory's maintenance instructions. In this way, the floor covering is guaranteed maximum service life and a new appearance.

Refreshing and deep cleaning of carpets

We perform wet deep washing and low-moisture refresher washing with a quick drying time for various carpets (short, long-haired). During cleaning, we wash out the dust and dirt accumulated in the carpet fibers. Carpet washing is carried out over the entire carpet. We recommend washing regularly, as older stains are already more difficult and expensive to remove. We recommend regular cleaning for carpets with frequent use, for example: in hotels, offices, sports clubs, etc. It prevents hard-to-remove stains and creates a fresher, dust-free environment in the rooms.

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