Pop up tent 4x8m

Pop-up tent, an alternative to a modular or tubular tent, which can be self-installed. 32 m2 is a perfectly respectable area, good for a small birthday party for about 20-25 people, or even as a stall at a fair. There are several possibilities.
Deploy 2 people to set up and move the tent, and you can have it up and securely pitched in about 20-25 minutes – check out the installation instructions video HERE

The set includes:

  • Aluminium frame with a roof
  • side walls
  • stakes
  • diagonal straps
  • 30 kg ballast slabs for every support pole or stake
Easy-up tents are available in the following colours

  • Black
4x8 m
Ridge height
3,90 m
Eave height   2,15 m

Pop-up tents are easy to install and disassemble. We provide tent installation and transport on request.
Do you need a tent at your site, but are unsure which one to choose? Ask us for advice and we will offer you the best solution.

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