Hand washing station

The hand washing station is the most optimal solution for your event if you use a large number of portable toilets – however, this does not mean that it would not be a good solution for two portable toilets as well.

Hand washing stations allow one to create hand washing points where it is easy to wash hands and also dry them after using the portable toilet, since they also have holders for paper towels.

The hand washing station is easy to transport, simple to install and convenient to use.

Height 1372mm
Width 1067mm
Depth 610mm
Clean water tank 163L
Holding tank volume 178L
Empty weight 54kg
Weight with full tank 213kg
Average number of use cycles 630 (4 pumpings-0,24L)

Do you wish for a hand washing station, but are unsure how many you need? Please contact us and we will identify the optimal quantity to satisfy all needs.

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