Diesel refuelling station

A diesel refuelling station with a gun is the best assistant when there is a long-term project and different equipment constantly needs or requires refuelling. The diesel tanker is equipped with a pistol gun for easy refuelling.

The diesel tanker has a double tank, which allows it to be transported without any problems.

The diesel tanker has a lockable door at the front and the tank is filled through a separate hatch, which is also locked.

If desired, it is possible to monitor the fuel level from a distance using the electronic device supplied.

Fill up the tank with diesel, plug in the mains, then grab the gun and start refuelling.

Technical data:

  • Height -  2.25 m
  • Width  -  1.2 m
  • Depth -  1.5 m
  • Capacity - 1600 l

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