1x1m podium

A modular podium is a simple and quick solution if you wish to create low stages, base platforms, podiums for drums or stalls. Podiums can be joined, creating larger levels of portable staging in the process.

Wheels are also available for podiums so that they can be moved more easily – contact us to get more detailed information!

Available podium supports:

  • 0.2 m
  • 0.4 m
  • Telescopic support 0.4–0.6 m
  • Telescopic support 0.6–1 m
  • Telescopic support 0.8–1.4 m
  • Telescopic support 1–1.6 m

Technical data:
  • Standard dimensions: 1x1m
  • Floor panel: 25 mm
  • Frame height: 90 mm
  • Vertical load-bearing capacity: 510 kg/m²

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