Used workshop and office 6m x 12m x 3m

Offer FOR SALE or RENT a used, but in good condition and practical modular heater workshop - service hall.
Very spacious and bright thanks to the large windows, which also include external metal blinds.
  • External dimensions: 6.055 x 12.22m x h - 2.965m / 73.96m2.
  • The outer color is gray, the inner color is white.
  • It consists of 5 rooms: 1 service hall/office and 4 workshops.
The office has a separate foot entrance and the garage has a large electric lift door 2900mm x h-2645mm and an entrance ramp for motor vehicles.
The floor of the workshop is covered with aluminum metal plates.
Insulation with mineral wool: floor 100mm, walls 100mm/60mm, ceiling 100mm.
Permanent heating and cooling with air heat pump 1pc.
The solution can be seen at Vana Narva mnt 27b, Maardu.

  • Minimum period of 1 year
  • Price: 1200€ +VAT / 1 month
  • The price does not include: assembly, disassembly and transport to the object according to the fact

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