Kõrgsurvepesur veesoendiga (diisel) HDS 8/20 D

The hot water high-pressure washer HDS 8/20 D has a powerful diesel engine with an electric starter, a reliable and durable crankshaft pump and highly efficient burner technology. With the help of these elements, the pressure washer ensures excellent cleaning results even in the most difficult conditions, such as places without electricity. Ideal for use in the construction and municipal sectors or by cleaning service providers, this machine has a water flow rate of 800 liters per hour and a working pressure of 200 bar when removing stubborn dirt. The integrated 30-liter fuel tank enables long working intervals.


  • Economical, diesel-powered combustion engine
Allows independence of external power sources. Complies with the requirements of exhaust emissions standard EU STAGE V.
  • Outstanding mobility
  • Accessories concept
Storage options for all accessory parts directly on the machine. Effortless EASY!Force high-pressure gun. Ergonomic grip and hose storage.

Technical information:
Flow Rate (l/h)
Operating pressure (bar/MPa)
200 / 20
Temperature (supply 12°C) (°C)
max. 80
Consumption fuel oil (kg/h)
Fuel tank (l)
Drive type
Number of simultaneous users
Weight (with accessories) (kg)
Weight incl. packaging (kg)
Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)
1130 x 910 x 895

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