Generator 24 kW

We offer generators for hire that are extremely easy to use – just fill the tank, turn the key, press the button, and start working.
The generators in our rental warehouse are equipped with devices that allow you to monitor the operation of the generator from a distance and also receive notifications about the fuel level. It is also possible to rent a generator with a monitoring service, which means that you do not have to worry about the fuel or the technical condition of the generator, i.e. if something happens to the generator, it is automatically reported to the technical staff, who reacts accordingly.

Our new generation of generators run quietly and are fitted with larger than standard fuel tanks - 270 litres.

If you need a generator for your event or construction, contact us – we'll make you an offer!

Please note! The generator is always delivered with a 100% full tank and must be returned with a 100% full tank. Otherwise, a refill fee of € 1.5 + km/litre will be added on return
IT IS NOT ALLOWED to use special fuels (blue and red) in generators

Technical data


2.22x0.96x1.26 m (PxLxK)


901 kg (1,225 kg with full tank)

Fuel - 270

diesel - 270 l tank


PRP – 24 kW/30 kVA
LTP – 26 kW/33 kVA

Fuel consumption

25% capacity – 2.2 L/H
50% capacity – 4.45 L/H
75% capacity – 6.5 L/H
100% capacity – 8.8 L/H

Electrical outputs

1 pc. – 63 A 400 V
1 pc. – 32 A 400 V
2 pcs – 16 A 230 V

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